California Steamin’

With our new California Steamin’, we think we’ve come pretty close to perfection in terms of California Common. Formerly known as Steam Beers, we’re not allowed to use that term anymore since a big(ger) brewery than ours has taken the name. Anyhow, this mix of an ale and a lager, invented by California-based Germans way back when is out now, and did we mention we’re really proud of it?

We’re not in Kansas anymore

Well, not at Tegnérgatan 10 anymore at least. After a great two years with the amazing Bierhaus Crew, we’ve parted ways and the Frequency Beer Works Tap Room is not located there from now on.

We’ve had an amazing time, and have enjoyed serving you all craft beer, playing vinyls too loud (if we’d had a penny for every time the neighbours complained…), hanging out before and after concerts or just drinking good beer.

Big thanks to Chamoun and his magnificent team, for hosting us, and watch this space for future bar ventures!

New Swedish brewery of the year

Wow! Amazing news to hear that we were awarded Best New brewery in Sweden 2017 by Ratebeer!

It’s an honor beyond belief, and we’re proud to the level of hubris. Now we need to continue brewing some good beer and make sure we put Sweden on the map of the worlds best craft beer – where we’re glad to see the likes of Omnipollo and Stigberget already making their mark.

2018 has just started, but we’ll be around with some great new beers (we think) and some fantastic activities planned for the year. Make sure to come and see us, either at some beer fair, at Borgholm Brinner or why not the Tap Room at Tegnérgatan 10. We look forward to see you, have a beer and discuss some malt and music.


Sold out!

Well, that went fast. On the shelves for 10 hours, and every bottle at the ordering center sold out.

We can’t even begin to say how happy we are that you all went and ordered our beers. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

New orders have been placed by Systembolaget, so we’ll be back with new links within a day or two.


Welcome to the Tap Room, we've got fun and games!

Every brewery should have it’s own tap room, we thought. So we joined forces with central bar Bierhaus and redesigned their inner bar to a Frequency Beer Works Tap Room.

Tonight we open the doors for the first time, and we’re thrilled and excited to kick things off now!

Welcome to drop by for some great beer, some great music, some amazing food and – most importantly – a really nice hang out.

Tegnérgatan 10, Stockholm is the address. See you there!

Stockholm Beer & Whisky Festival

It’s that time of year, isn’t it? Autumn kicking in, those sunny days of summer becoming faint memories. What better way to battle the blues than with a proper Beer & Whisky festival? No better way, if you go to Stockholm.

Of course FrEQuency Beer Works will be there, and we hope to see you all at our stand. Head over to Nybryggarbaren and place your order from a selection of bottles (Yes, Millwall-beer will be there) as well as a huge number of special, very limited-edition kegs of great beer.

We’re looking forward to serving it to you.


First beer release!

October the 2:nd sees the release of three of our first beers at the swedish monopoly, known to the people as Systembolaget. (for those english speakers of you, it translates – literally – to ”The System Company”. Why there is a company for systems, we have yet to figure out). Any which way, you’ll be able to get our first three beers there from monday. If you can’t wait, and want to check them out already, follow these links!

Park Life:

Selling England by the Pint:

Stockholm Style IPA:
And before you ask: Systembolaget have refused to sell F**k You, I’m Millwall – but not for the reasons you might think. As there is a football reference somewhere in that name, they’re worried that you might buy that beer and start playing football drunk. So, please don’t drink and play football. Thank you.

Tap Room!

It’s been a dream of ours since we started; a dedicated bar for our beers. A place where you can try a new beer, be surprised, talk about hops, malts and music. Or just rock up to the bar, say ”a beer, please” and be pleasantly surprised.

We started FrEQuency once upon a time as we were tired of the beer snobbism. We’re no different now, and look forward to welcoming both beer afficionados and total new-comers to our craft-beer bar.

Apart from beer, you’ll find some great food, and a LOT of music. Vinyls, cassettes (remember those?) and all those streaming services (one of them with an office quite close by!). Why not bring your own vinyl over and preach to those who haven’t heard it?

Head down to Tegnérgatan 10 in Stockholm, we’re the inner bar of Bierhaus. And we’re looking forward to seeing you there!


Tap Take-over in Skövde

If you live on the west coast of Sweden, you might want to make your way up to Skövde on Wednesday evening this week. A few of us will be heading over to Bishops Arms for a tap take-over, and dishing out pints of our beers.

Tried the Stockholm Style IPA? Now’s your chance. Want a bit of Park Life Session IPA? Get on over. Want to pay Roy Larner a tribute, and swear at the bartender at the same time? F**k you, I’m Millwall be along for the trip.

See you Wednesday evening at Bishops Arms, Skövde!


Fxxk You, I'm Millwall

We NEVER thought we’d get so much response for this beer, ever. To say we’re overwhelmed by your shout-outs, support and love for this would be the understatement of the century. We’re trying to keep up with replying to all the emails coming in, but if we miss getting back to you, just shoot another message to us – we do our best to get back to each and everyone of you.

Anyway, we’re getting close now to sorting out a UK distribution set-up for the beer, and we are hoping to get a pallet of kegs sent over within a few days. Watch this space, or our Facebook or Twitter.

Meanwhile, don’t forget Roy’s Justgiving page, which you can find here.